Video Tiles: Autoplay Trailers

Video Tiles introduces autoplaying video into the Hulu browse experience, allowing users to more readily evaluate and preview content. After successful usability testing on living room devices, we began building out Video Tiles on mobile and web platforms.

Discovery UX
Product Designer - Mobile
3 months


  • Reduce friction between content discovery and playback by exploring opportunities to integrate video into browse experience.
  • Introduce users to more of Hulu's content breadth by informing and educating with video.
  • Empower user to customize and control their autoplay experience.
  • Increase Titles Per User, Decrease Time To Playback.


  • Developed a cross-platform solution for integrating video consistently across platforms.
  • Made refinements to modular tile components on Mobile and Web platforms to better align with Living Room.
  • This feature is still in dogfooding.


Discovery, Competitive Analysis, Wireframing, Mockups, Prototypes, Technical Specs.

Project Team

I owned the mobile design for this project, and additionally took over as design lead after a resourcing change. This project was a massive cross-team effort between Product, Design, and Engineering. Due to the project's performance intensive nature, we collaborated closely with engineering leads throughout the feature lifecycle to determine capabilities and limitations.

🔒 More project details can be shared upon request.