Page Theming System

Designed a page theming system which can be activated for content partners and tentpole events. I owned design for the mobile platform, working in tandem with designers from Web and Living Room teams to develop a unified system.

Discovery UX
Product Designer - Mobile
3 Months


  • Develop a cross-platform solution for branding and theming content hubs on Hulu.
  • Create branded, memorable browsing experiences for high value content partners (FX, ABC, etc) and tentpole events (Olympics, PGA Tour, etc)
  • Increase traffic to dedicated content hubs, part of a larger initiative to drive traffic to surface areas beyond Hulu's home page.
  • Provide multiple page templates which can be optioned by advertisers.


  • New browse behavior: Hulu added a new global navigation item, Hubs, which houses major content partners and dedicated content collections. Hubs was visited by 2% of all Hulu traffic and furthered Hulu's goal to reroute traffic from Hulu's homepage.
  • Happy partners: This project was expedited in support of FX, who was in the process of sunsetting their streaming platform and moving their content to Hulu. FX stakeholders were delighted to see their content housed within an elevated, branded destination.


Discovery, Competitive Analysis, Ideation, Wireframes, Mockups, Prototypes, Technical Specs.

Project Team

This project was a cross-team effort between Product, Design, and Platform Design Leads. I collaborated with a Web Designer and Living Room Designer from the Discover team to build a unified experience.

🔒 More project details can be shared upon request.